Excela provides training in all aspects of personal information management. We can deliver training throughout your organization at the level of detail required. Typically, our training programs are shorter for management than they are for public-facing administrative staff or human resources professionals. Our most detailed training is normally reserved for privacy officers and those working in particularly privacy-sensitive areas.

Excela's training programs are custom designed for each client. We can provide privacy awareness presentations, more detailed classroom training in privacy administration, online training programs for repeated use, or any combination. In general, we find in-person training to be best for privacy officers and management.

All our training addresses the applicable privacy legislation, privacy principles, privacy best practices, and privacy risk assessment.  We can also design courses in privacy impact assessment, privacy policy and procedures development, privacy technology, privacy architecture, and other specialized privacy-related topics.

Excela's president, Alec Campbell, was instrumental in the founding of the University of Alberta's Information Access and Protection of Privacy Certificate Program. While responsible for administration of Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) for the Government of Alberta, he proposed the creation of the program, obtained support for it from stakeholders including the Information and Privacy Commissioner, and arranged for seed funding. He also assisted in the selection of the program's manager and the design of its first courses.

Excela has also delivered training programs developed by the Government of Alberta for public bodies subject to Alberta's FOIP Act.